Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stainglass Christmas Trees

Well, Christmas is one week from today and we still have so many Christmas crafts to finish up.  Yesterday, I cut tree shapes into a pizza cardboard box.  I, then gave Monkey the hole punch and told him to punch as many holes in the tree as he wanted.  Next he painted the tree green on the non-printed side.

While the paint dried, I cut up green and red tissue paper into small squares.  Monkey covered the tree in glue (I think a glue stick might have worked a little better for this but I was afraid it was going to rip the tissue paper)

Then he started to cover the entire tree with pieces of tissue.

Let it dry (for a long time if you used as much glue as Monkey did)  Then I trimmed up the pieces of tissue that were hanging over the sides.  And that was it.  Really easy, but super cute.  When it was completely dry, we hung it up in the window so the sun could shine through.

Looks like a little stain glass Christmas tree.  You could definitely spice them up with a little glitter and/or decorations, but Monkey wanted to leave it plain!

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