Friday, December 2, 2011

Easy Christmas Crafts

Today we started with some very simple and easy Christmas crafts!  Two reasons for this: 1 - Logey-bear was up most of the night last night (which really isn't different from any other night) but Daddy is on nights this week and I'm on my own - so I AM TIRED! 2 - It is Friday, and has been a long week! (again Daddy on nights this week)

First crafts was some foam Christmas trees (25 for $1) and glitter foam decorations ($1 for the box)!  Monkey decorated quite a few trees.  The foam decoration were stickers and the backing on them was a little tricky to get off, so this helped with some fine motor skills as well!

This were his 4 finished trees!

He still had decoration stickers left, so he wanted to decorate some Gingerbread men as well.  Each got two snowflake eyes, and snowflake mouths!  Then he used one sticker for each hand and foot!  I thought he would just stick them anywhere, but he is really into making faces right now.

Next was a super easy and super quick Candy Cane craft that our friends from Happy Hooligans shared with us.

All you need is a sheet of computer paper, some markers, a piece of tape, and a pencil!

First cut your paper into a square (it really makes it easier) and then create a pattern that continues on two sides.  Repeat it 3 or 4 times.

Next, flip your paper over and use your pencil to start rolling the paper. Start on the corner that has no pattern and roll right to the end.  Once you get to the end stick it down with a small piece of clear tape.

Take one end of the roll, and wrap it around your finger to shape it into a semi circle.  Shape it like the top of a candy cane.  I cut off the tip of the curve to make it look a little prettier.  And then I cut some off the end as well to make it about the size of a real Candy Cane.

Here is the finished product.  Pretty cute, eh?!  All four took me less than 5 minutes to make!

Next week, we will be doing salt ornaments and many other Christmas surprises!!


  1. I love the candy cane idea! We are just getting started on our Christmas decorating.

  2. Those are awesome! We are having a grinch cookie party this year and im going to have my kids make a bunch for decorations! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love both of these ideas! Great way to occupy little hands. I will have to try the candy canes. I am a new follower visiting from Sumo's Sweet Stuff. Vicky from Mess For Less