Friday, December 2, 2011

Spy Games

So I recently attempted to start crocheting.  Turns out you need a lot more patience than I will ever have.  Might be the severe lack of sleep, or how many kids I have running around my house all day -but whatever it is, I do NOT have the patience for it right now!

So I left an entire ball of yarn on the breakfast bar the other day after I gave up (for the 10th time probably)  I went upstairs to lay down Logey-bear for nap and came downstairs to this:

The three rows of crocheting that I worked so hard on (seriously it took me like an hour to double crochet like three rows!) Completely ripped out and the ENTIRE ball of yarn looped, hooked, wrapped around and through almost EVERY toy in the playroom!  I was about to be really upset that ALL my hard work had been destroyed, but then I realized, Monkey just did something REALLY cool.  It looks like the laser beams of a bank security system.  So we made it into a game!!  Try to get to each new section without touching the laser.  It was really entertaining and we did this for probably a good hour before it started getting loose and falling down.

I wish I would have got a picture of us playing in it, but there was just no time.  We were too busy being spies trying to get our prize!

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