Thursday, December 15, 2011

Egg Carton Snowmen

Well, the kids are still really sick and both boys are on antibiotics, but we are still doing some nice and easy crafts!  Monkey was really wanting to make some snowmen (like I said, he is really into Frosty right now)  I kept telling him that once we finished the eggs, we could make some really cute snowmen with the egg cartons.  Well, yesterday the day finally came.

First thing I did was cut the cartons so that I had three in a row.  Then I set Monkey up with some white paint and told him to get it completely covered in snow.

Once it dried up, I set Monkey up with some pipe cleaners for arms and scarfs, googly-eyes, pompoms and Sharpies.  First thing we did glue on the pompom buttons, and the googly eyes.  Monkey asked me to draw the mouth on his.  Then we cut our brown pipe cleaners into 4 pieces (sneaky Mommy with those scissor skills). It turns out that pushing pipe cleaners through the egg cartons was more difficult than I thought, so I used the exacto knife and pushed little holes through first.  Then Monkey was easily able to get the arms through.  We then cut the sparkly pipe cleaners in half.  He wrapped half around to make the scarf.  As we finished, I realized (or rather Monkey pointed out) that I had forgot about hats!  Monkey then suggested that we use the other half of the pipe cleaner. This was a great idea because the 'hat' actually served as a hat and a hook to put it on the tree.  The pompoms weren't sticking that well the egg carton, we ended up hot gluing them to make sure they stayed put! 

Here are Monkey's 2 snowmen, a Mommy and a Daddy snowman.

Here is the Daddy hanging nicely in the tree.

These little guys were really easy and I was able to do it with Monkey while holding Logey (who is just plain miserable!!)

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  1. This is such a cute craft!! What a clever idea! I wanted to invite you to link up to TGIF kid-oriented Linky Party here - - I know my readers would enjoy this too!
    Beth =-)