Monday, December 12, 2011

Gingerbread House

So today we had no daycare kids, since we were all on the mend from all our illnesses.  So I figured Monkey, Logey and I would work on our Gingerbread house.  Grammie bought us a nice and easy pre-made house.  All I did was put the house together...

Here is all the parts laid out with a great tray that came with it (made it so much easier to build)

Once the icing hardened enough for Monkey to start decorating, I gave him the icing bag and let him have a free for all!  As you can see, Grammie also stopped at Bulk Barn and got some (LOTS!!!!) extra candy.

It was great to watch him do everything on his own.  I wasn't going for the perfect Gingerbread house, I was going for a 3 year old's version of the perfect Gingerbread house, and that of course I got!  On one side he did straight lines with the icing and candies, and on the other side he tried to follow to pattern on the house! I think both sides turned out great!

Here is the final Masterpiece!  He even made a perfect walkway out of the Lego blocks that Grammie bought.  I didn't even show him how to do it, I was so impressed!

Ya, that is a whole lot of candy on there!!    Logey tried to help, but by helping, I mean he helped himself to candy, so we set him up on the floor with lots of toys and books to keep him busy while Monkey finished up!

I have always loved building gingerbread houses for the holidays, but I love it even more now with the kids!  Plus, I once again sneaked some skills in there too.  Monkey had to squeeze the icing out of the bag and into the 'right' spot on the house, and well as some fine motor skills to place ALL that candy on there!  Can't wait til next year when Logeybear can help us too!

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  1. Grammie's Monk E did a fabulous job! Can't wait to see it tomorrow. Love Grammie xo