Saturday, December 3, 2011

Logey's First Picture!

Call me a sappy Momma, but I am so excited to show Logey-Bear's first picture!  He coloured this all by himself.  He got right into the mix with the older kids and pulled out some crayons, stole a piece of their paper (literally) crawled off with it to the mats, and started scribbling away!  I'm so proud!!!

I have Monkey's first picture he ever coloured as well!  I am so glad that I have a huge box filled with all the artwork my kids have ever done!  My mom saved all of our art when we were kids, and I thought she was silly for wasting space and time, but now I realize, you just can't throw it out! I love everything they have ever done!

So here is Monkey's first picture, just to show I have it! (Don't mind the black eye - he was an early walker and took a good wipe out!)

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