Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Day of Octopuses!

So our last day of Octopuses has come (Because we NEED to start Christmas crafts!)  I made Monkey a tub of water and put all his Ocean creatures out around it for him to play with in the water.  I added some white Lego pieces to be icebergs (but Monkey thought they were better as boats)  His pirate Little Person also joined in the fun.

 His Walrus' sat on the icebergs and then jumped into the water.


 And of course, cars, trains, and helicopters ended up in the water too.

We then had our Octopus TP rolls to finish as well.   The paint was finally dry, so all we had to do was glue the googley-eyes on, and cut the tentacles. 

 Didn't they turn out cut! Monkey didn't want to put smiles on them because in all the videos we couldn't see the Octopuses mouth, so he said they didn't have a mouth!!

Once we were all done making them, Monkey wanted to put holes in them and hang them up with the other "Silly Octopuses".  So Monkey punched two holes in each one and we threaded them onto the yarn and added to our collection!

So we are done with Octopuses for now.  But we still have to watch some videos every now and again!  Octopuses are great for teaching many things.  In the last 3 days, I have taught Monkey about Camouflage, the Ocean, counting to 8 (which was pretty easy for him), learning about tentacles instead of legs,  the Letter O - plus had some great messy crafts to go along which helped with scissor skills!

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