Sunday, December 11, 2011

Felt Snowman

Been a few days since I have posted...the whole family is quite sick and each of us is trying to fight a different infection.  Somehow, I had time to whip up this craft between wiping noses, holding a crying/miserable baby, cleaning up after a 3 year old with a nasty gastro virus, while being super sick myself!  Not an entirely enjoyable weekend for us!

Monkey loves his felt Christmas tree so much that he asked if we could make another one.  While I saw no purpose in having two Christmas trees, I came up with a better idea!  He has been LOVING Frosty the Snowman lately, so why not make a snowman!!

It was super easy to do.  I first took 3 of the kids measuring cups (1/2, 3/4 and 1 cup size) and made perfect circles on the white felt.

Then I cut out the circles, and used my scrap pieces of felt to make a hat, eyes, nose, coal mouth, arms, and lots of buttons.  I used the left over white felt from the circles and made some snow hills for the bottom.  I stuck it all onto a big left over piece of green felt from the Christmas Tree.

And then Monkey went to it.  He took is apart and put it together over and over and over again.

This was the one he wanted me to take a picture of to put on the blog (he actually told me to take the picture lol)

We weren't letting Logeybear play with it because the button and mouth circles were pretty small and we knew from past experience that the pieces were going to go right into his mouth.  So while I was playing with Logey, Monkey started to decorate one of Emmy's dog toys!  And of course, told me to take a picture!  I thought it was pretty creative of him!

These felt scenes are so easy to make, and can lead to hours of play!  I hope to get lots of great Christmas activities done this week, if we could all just fell better!

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  1. I have seen felt gingerbread men and felt Christmas trees but not felt snowmen yet. Great idea! Pinning it so I don't forget :)

    Stopped by from too cute tuesday.