Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home-Made Snow Globes

I had been seeing home-made snow globes all over Pinterest, and really had no interest in making one.  But when our friend from Suburbia Momma wanted to come over at 10pm the other night to make them, I couldn't resist the challenge!

I mainly didn't want to do them because it seemed like so much work and would take a long time to make, but turns out it is SUPER easy and barely takes any time at all!

The supplies you need are:
Some type of bottle (wouldn't recommend glass if you have to destructive boys like me!)
Glue Gun
Water or Baby Oil

First thing I did was glue a Christmas decoration to the inside of the lid of my bottle.  I think if I did it again, I would put something down first and then glue the decoration on top of it.  Maybe like a small lid of some sort - basically to raise the ornament higher into the Globe.

Then I hot glued some foam snowflakes to the inside of the bottle.

Then fill the container to almost the top with Water (or baby oil - I did one with baby oil and it looks kind of cloudy, so I did this one with water).  Pour in a whole bunch of glitter!  We added some floating foam stars as well.  Take the jar over the sink to put on the lid because some water will likely spill out (learned that the hard way!)  Once you get the lid screwed on tightly, use the glue gun to lock the seal! (don't put hot glue around the entire mouth of the jar and then try to twist the top on...seriously, we tried it -TWICE - you will never be fast enough to get the lid screwed on tightly!)

And VOILA! A perfect little snow globe for Monkey and Logey Bear!   My jar had some ridges around it so it was tricky to get a nice picture of it, but you get the point!  The boys love shaking it all around and seeing how long it takes for all the glitter to get to the bottom!

So, it really was that easy!  I think I will try this again every Christmas with the boys.  Since I now know how easy it was to do, next time Monkey will be doing it with me!!


  1. Oh, I soo wanna try this with the kiddo! Looks easy for me to do.
    Popping in from the Boys Linky. Hope you get a chance to follow/fan back :)