Friday, December 16, 2011

Jingle Bells!

Well after 6 days of antibiotics, I can sadly report that Logeybear is still not recovering well.  However, Monkey is definitely starting to get back to himself.

While we were making our egg carton snowmen, I had Monkey paint a few extra single egg cartons.  He had no idea why he was doing this, but I kept telling him he needed to wait a few more days to get to them.  So I gave him green, red and white paint to get them all covered.  It takes more paint that I thought to get those cartons covered - the paint soaks into the material.

So when I told him to really put a LOT of paint on them, this started happening!  The paint would stick to the cartons and the paint brushes.  We weren't using the greatest brushes either, but that was what I had grabbed the first time I went to get the paints, and I wasn't walking back downstairs again (sick Logey still in my arms 24 hours a day!!)

Once they all dried up, I got out a pack of bells (or Jingle Bells as Monkey calls them).  We cut pipe cleaners in half, and looped them through the opening on the jingle bells.  This was actually kind of hard so Monkey would get the first half in, and then I would have to get it back out.  Then we pulled the bells tight and poked 2 little holes through the egg carton and attached the pipe cleaner at the top.  It looked like this:

Then we finished up the rest of them, I think we made about 8-10 of them!  Monkey likes to do things in bulk, so I always have to have lots of extras so he can do the craft over and over again! 

So here they are all hanging on our Christmas tree.  We are finally starting to fill in the voids from the poor broken decorations! We used sparkly silver, gold and blue pipe cleaners and some regular old green and red one.


  1. How creative!!! Monkey did a great job :)


  2. Very creative!!! So fun and something my kids could do too! We'd love for you to share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays.