Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Popsicle Stick Tree and Stars

This was an EXTRA easy craft that was PERFECT for Monkey.  I loved it because I did not have to prepare anything for it.  I just grabbed some popsicle sticks and glue, and a few cut pieces of yarn!  Our great friends over at Happy Hooligans gave me this idea (again!!!!)

Generally I would have got none-coloured popsicles sticks, but these were left over from our Thanksgiving turkey crafts (I wasn't blogging then so you can't see how cute they were)  All we did was put some glue in the centre of the sticks and then stick 3 or 4 together!  Like I said super easy!


Here is how they turned out!  Monkey just kept wanting to do more and more, so I figured why not (Our Christmas tree is still looking a little bare due to half the decorations breaking last year)

Once they all dried we used the glue gun to glue some yarn to them so we could hang them up.  I got Monkey to cut the pieces of yarn to size, so he could again practice those scissor skills!!

Here are some on our tree!  (Side note: up in the left hand corner is our glue gingerbread man from last year.  So easy to make, just glue and glitter and cookie cutters!  We will be making some more of them this week too!)

When we were done, there were a few Green popsicle sticks left over, and out of the blue Monkey said it looked like a TREE!  So we used the scissors again to cut them down a little bit more on each one.  Then he said we needs a "truck"...took me a few tries to figure out what he was talking about and then I realized he meant TRUNK!  (Side note: speech therapy FINALLY starts on Dec 22!)  He picked up a broken piece of yellow that was sitting in the bottom of the box and said it was the Star.  He glued them all on and VOILA a beautiful Christmas tree!

So, two really easy Christmas crafts which worked on great skills!  We always need the scissor practice and anything I can do with scissors is great!! 

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