Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Water Bead Sensory Bin

The other day our good friend from Suburbia Momma brought us over some of her Christmas themed water beads!  To say that the boys had a blast would be an understatement!  Water beads really are amazing.   You can find them in the craft section of Walmart (and probably any other craft stores)  You need to soak them in water for about 4 hours and then they are ready.  Couldn't be any easy than that (and they are super cheap! $2 per package).  Once they are ready, you just give them to the kids for a free-for-all! 

Since Christmas is so soon, we used red, white and green.  The beads are wet, slippery, squishy, bouncy and just plain fun to play with (even for us adults).

You might not be able to tell, but the bin never even made it past our front door.  The boys were so excited about playing with them, I just had to put the bin down right there.  They couldn't wait to get their hands in there.

Little did Logey-Bear know, but this was a great activity for him to continue practicing his pincer grasp

Look at those you think they were having fun!!??!!??

Logey-Bear is laughing so hard, because it turned into a game.  As soon as I lifted the camera to try and get a picture, he would try and pop some in his mouth!  It says on the package to not ingest them, so it became quite the chore for me to ensure that none made it into his mouth!

Definitely recommend water beads to everyone with kids.  Or just adults who are kids at heart!  They were great for Logey to practice picking things up and using his pincer grasp...great sensory bin product.  They were also so much fun for Monkey who had fun bouncing them, squishing them, hiding his cars in them (of course).  They have lasted quite awhile as well.  I still have them in the bin and Monkey plays with them once a day at least!


  1. I think I have finally got it! xo Grammie xo

  2. I love Monk-E Man and Logey Bear xo

  3. I have a few packets of these sitting in a closet. Duh! Thanks for the idea, stopping by way of the Show & Tell linky party.

  4. I NEED to get these! My daycare kiddos would love them, and I am constantly hearing about it!! Thanks for the reminder to put these on my craft list!!