Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Well here in Ottawa, it decided to snow last night...and lots of snow at that!!!  As soon as Monkey woke up this morning I had him look out the window.  First thing out of his mouth: "Let's go outside and make a snowman!!"  After convincing him that we had to get dressed and eat breakfast first, it was decided that we would go outside as soon as daycare kiddies got her.

Usually getting Monkey in all his outdoor gear is a challenge in itself.  But I think now that he is 3 and understands all about snow, it is going to make this winter that much more fun!  He was completely dressed, in all his snow gear, in less than 2 minutes!

Today, I decided the big kids could go outside while Mommy and Logey-Bear watched from the patio doors.  They had an absolute blast in the snow.  They made snow angels, snow balls, ate the snow, stomped on it with their boots, and played on the swing set!  Monkey also learned that you go really fast on the slide when there is snow on it and you have your snowsuit on!  They ended up playing outside for 2 hours!!  Thankfully, it was not very cold out!

Making tracks in the snow
Cleaning off the snow

Jumping into the snow (head first!)
Flying off the end of the slide and face planting into the snow! (He laughed about it and did it again!)

The kiddies brought some snow in with them and Logey-Bear had a great time playing with it on the floor, just didn't really like how COLD it was!!!

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