Wednesday, November 23, 2011


To go along with our science experiments this week, we whipped up a good ol' batch of GOOP! Monkey loves goop.  So simple, some type of container, corn starch and water...and of course we had to make ours GREEN.  (We did 2 cups corn starch, 1 cup water...then added a little more water because it was pretty tough to scoop up)

This time I let Monkey add his cars into the mix.  He ALWAYS has hot wheels with him, and wants to make sure they are incorporated into every activity we do.  But this actually turned out to be way better than I thought. 

When he dropped the cars in, they began to sink, and we watch until they completely disappeared.  Then Monkey had to figure out how to get them out.  He had to figure out that he had to keep his hands wrapped around them to warm the goop so it became a liquid.  If he tried to fast it was just impossible to get them out.

It was interesting to watch him try to figure out why it was so hard when moving fast, like trying to hit it.  But then if he just slowly squished his hands in and picked it up, it would be a "goopy" 

Even Logey-Bear got his hands in there with this one (just didn't get pictures of it because I couldn't risk him shoving a big handful right into his mouth!  Some times us Moms just need 3 hands!)

Goop can be a little messy (especially in our house) but once it dries, it is super easy to just sweep up.

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  1. I just love goop!! So glad I have now found your blog! I will save in my readers so I can follow along!