Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Best Idea Ever

In our house we are never afraid to get messy, but sometimes I just don't feel like cleaning up after painting.  I came up with this idea of taping poster paper to the shower walls (would work just as well in the bath tub, but shower stalls are so much easier!)

Then I filled a paper plate with paint and gave them to Monkey to paint away!  At first he did well and painted both posters I taped up.

Then he got tired of that and started painting the walls....and then the finger/hand painting started!!  He did one hand print for each square of tiles.. 
At this point, Logey-Bear woke up from his nap and wanted to join in so badly!  We were just finishing up, and Logey-Bear has a pretty bad tract record for eating paint, so he watched his brother from a safe distance!
Finally, once Monkey was tired of painting, I just stripped him down, turned on the shower and gave him the shower head!  Monkey washed the walls down himself, and actually had fun watching the paint dripping down the walls with the water.  Absolutely no clean up for me!  Now that is my kind of painting activity!!

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