Friday, November 25, 2011

Painting Day!

Once again, we had another painting experience!  When I bought the canvas for melting crayons project, I didn't even notice that on the back of one, came with a set of acrylic paints, brushes and paint holder.  I set it aside for the next time Monkey wanted to paint! 

He made some really awesome pictures today.  His pretend play has really started to flourish lately, and it is so amazing to just listen to him talk about what he is painting!

Here are his final products with his explanation of each picture:

1 - This picture is of a door with a window, and we have to use the window to see Emmy (our dog) playing outside in the snow.

2. This picture is of a tall mountain with a rainbow waterfall pouring down from it.
3.  This picture is when it is raining and a big 'beautiful' rainbow shows up when the sun comes out.

4. You guessed it, this one he painted his hands and made hand prints (as always making a not so messy craft, messy!)

 5. This was his rainbow hand print painting.  (Yes he is a little bit into rainbows right now, because it was a big theme on the "Cat in the Hat" and he just loved it)

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