Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pasta Necklaces

On a recent trip to Walmart, a $1 bag of Rigatoni caught my eye.  Big, round and easy for little hands to string on yarn!

So first Monkey decided that the pasta was "ugly" and it should be green!  So we decided we need to dye them lots of colours.  I knew that you could dye with food colouring and rubbing alcohol, but I really didn't like that idea because I knew that Logey-Bear would eventually have the necklaces in his mouth.  So I figured I would try using vinegar and food colouring.  I thought maybe I had seen it somewhere, but couldn't find out where, so I just winged it!

We filled Ziplock bags with pasta, and then we used 1 tsp of vinegar to get the pasta 'sticky' and then Monkey squirted in the food colouring. NOTE: 1 tsp might have been a little too much because it made the pasta a little soggy and once it dried it cracked a little - so maybe 1/2 tsp instead

Then we shook the bag to make sure all the 'ugly' pasta was covered with 'beautiful' colours.

Since ours was a little soggy, we left the pasta to dry over night.  We left the bags open for the air to get in and dry it out.

Today, we cut yarn to the right length and made necklaces for everyone.  Monkey also made a snake!

Even our trusted Bullseye (rocking horse) got a necklace!


  1. Love the dyed pasta! So, does the vinegar stop the colouring from coming off on your hands? If so, I think I'll give this a try.

  2. Yes, the vinegar did keep the dye on the pasta and off our hands...except when they were actually pouring the dye in the bags, then they got it all over their little hands!