Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crayon Art Canvas

I recently saw on Pinterest these awesome crayon melting projects that people had posted.  I knew I had to do one with Monkey as soon as I saw it, he would love it.  Well, I finally got all the supplies we needed.  First we organized the crayons in the order of colours we wanted.  Then Monkey passed each one to me in the exact order, while I glued them on with hot glue.

Then the part he was waiting for.  He got to hold the blow dryer right up to the crayons and watch the wax pour down the canvas.  He really liked getting the colours to splatter, and trying to get layers of wax.  It was a little messy, but we are used to messy activities here! 

Our picture turned out perfect and got hung up in the playroom as soon as it dried. 

Today, he told me that he liked doing it so much, that he wanted to do another one.  This time he picked out only the crayon colours he wanted.  I still glued them to the canvas, but he picked the order.  He decided that he wanted to blow them until there was no wax left in the wrappers....So this took quite awhile, but the textures came our awesome. 

I really recommend this activity to anyone who hasn't done it.  So easy, and you can get everything you need from the dollar store.  For both projects it cost us $4 ($1.50 for each canvas and $1 for a new pack of crayons!)

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