Friday, November 25, 2011

Mess-Free Paint and Glitter Bags

Today the boys picked out their favourite colours of paint and we poured the paint into Ziplock bags.  We taped them to our patio doors. Monkey started to practice writing the Alphabet in the bags, but not until after he was done feeling, squeezing, squishing all the bags.  Logey-Bear loved pushing the paint around with his hands.  He was, however, more interested in trying to eat the bags!

We found it a little hard for Monkey to practice writing letters in it so we went to plan B.  We used hair gel, and glitter in Ziplock. I got this idea from here   This worked much better for him and they liked how they could see through it!  Logey-Bear still tried quite hard to eat the bag, but he kept going back to them for a quick feel and laugh all day long!!

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