Monday, November 21, 2011

Mastering Fine Motor Skills

Monkey is a lefty, and we are finding using scissors a little bit difficult.  I decided to go back to basics and practice some fine motor skills.  Very simple, Tongs, Pom Poms, and an Ice cube Tray.  I really thought this would not be very exciting for him and that he would get bored really fast....Boy was I wrong.   At first we practiced just putting one pom pom per cube,  then we did numerous ones per cube.  Then he wanted to do a Mommy pom pom and a baby pom pom for each cube.  We ended by making patterns of colours and sizes.  So what was supposed to be a simply activity to get his left hand stronger for using scissors, turned into a great learning activity!  In all, we practiced colours, sizes, patterns and counting, plus strengthened his hand and wrist by using a very big set on tongs!!

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