Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

On Saturday, we started getting the house ready for Christmas!  Since our Christmas tree came tumbling down NUMEROUS times last year, we had bought a new one on Boxing Day last year.  This new tree was significantly bigger than our previous tree!  Monkey is REALLY interested in Christmas this year, so we are expecting to have much more fun with him, teaching him about Christmas, carols, movies, and of course CRAFTS!! 

Daddy and Monkey worked really hard together to get the tree up! Logey-Bear and Emmy (our Bulldog) were interested in the beginning too!

Logey-Bear helped take the bubble wrap off....mainly because he was trying to chew it and it would pop while he was doing that.  He was laughing so hard!!

Monkey set the stand up by himself (three times to show us he knew how to do it!)

Daddy and Monkey put the first level of the tree in the stand together!

Monkey added the second level (while Daddy was holding him high enough)

Then came the part where we had to fluff up all the branches...Monkey helped in the beginning and then he got bored (see next picture)

...and so he jumped in the tree box and started playing peek-a-boo with Logey-Bear - who of course couldn't get enough of his brothers silly games!

Monkey was putting the final touches on the tree before the decorations went on.

Monkey and Logey-Bear admiring the finished tree.  NOTE:  Apparently when you go from a 6 foot tree to a 7.5 foot tree, you will not have nearly enough decorations!!!  AND...especially if your tree fell so many times last year that you had more broken ornaments at the end of Christmas than ones that weren't broken.  So we need to buy more ornaments for sure...OR more likely MAKE more ornaments before Christmas!  Also, I think our star for the top broke in one of the falls, so we need to make one of those as well!

So far, the tree has been up for 24 hours and has yet to come crashing down!   Monkey is really into taking one of the Santa decorations and one of the sleeigh decorations and giving Santa a ride on his sleigh around the tree!  I am loving Christmas so much more this year already!  (Might be because I'm not 9 months pregnant and about to give birth at any second)  But I LOVE IT!!  Next up: Christmas crafts!!!

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  1. Love how Logan is just popping into the picture there - too cute! Great looking tree.