Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer days!

Well the heat wave continued here and we are doing all we can do to stay cool!  Monkey has been away at day camp during the afternoons, and Logey and I have been keeping busy!  The temperature has been above 32 degrees Celsius for over a week now, and today it was up over 42 with the humidex!  The boys and I have been doing LOTS of water play to keep cool, although we are now in a level 2 drought in our city and if we hit Level 3 then we have a water ban!  Looks like with the upcoming weeks weather, we could be hitting Level 3 soon!

So I have been letting the boys take turn "watering" the lawn to try and keep our grass green (ish).  Our grass is by far the greeniest out of all our neighbours, but it sure isn't pretty!  It feels like straw under your feet and you have to wear shoes to walk on it!  As you can tell Logey is really into water (including our deck lol!) 

Of course, they wouldn't be brothers if they didn't try and spray each other with the hose!  Although Monkey was enjoying the cool down!

So somehow in the process, Monkey starting filling up the cooler that was sitting on our deck and said that it was his pool!  I thought it was funny and just went along with it.  Kind of surprised that he could even fit it in! But little did I know...

....They could both fit in it! They played in the cooler 'pool' for over an hour.  Filled it up, poured it out, repeat!  They were nice and cool and entertained! 

Thankfully for the boys, Grammie came down for a visit and brought a real pool for them.  It was much nice and MUCH more spacious! 

Staying nice and cool in the pool!

Monkey was jumping in the pool and Logey was laughing so HARD!  He couldn't get enough of him jumping!

Fun was had by all, we stayed cool and the boys were exhausted by the end of the day!  Bedtime is never easy in this house, but after today it sure was!

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