Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Adventure!

We are on vacation this week!  So far the boys are having a blast at Grammie and Poppa's house!  We took the boys out to visit my late Poppa's house before it gets sold and that alone was a great adventure!  

Turns out that my uncle is raising chicken and roosters!  The boys got to go into the hen houses and meet all the chickens and collect the eggs!!

Uncle Paul showing Ethan Blackie

Isn't this one pretty??

Some of the chickens (7 got killed the day before because a coyote broke into the coop! These guys survived the attack)
This Momma had 8 super cute babies!

Ethan's blue egg he collected

I forget this guys name, but he could fly and Logey liked him!

They also got to have a nice swim in Poppa's beautiful pool.

Logey checking out the pool before his swim

Ethan checking the temperature of the pool

 It is so sad for me to see this house being sold, because I have been coming to it since I was a newborn!  I have so many memories at the house and was really looking forward to my kids creating memories there too.  Tragically, my Poppa passed away last fall after a terrible accident.  I can't even begin to list all the memories from his house, but to name a quick few: playing in his creek for hours catching fish and frogs, Standing on the end of the driveway watching the parade go by each summer and then heading to the fairgrounds after for rides and a demolition derby! Walking to the candy store well over a million times! Checking out the turtles and snakes in the quarry.  Playing Nintendo (the first original one!) with Nanna and Poppa.  Playing euchre well into the late hours of the night, and of course GETTING MARRIED THERE!

Today, we boated over to the beach for some swimming and sand play!  (And to collect some stuff for a future daycare craft!!)

Mommy and Logey working on a Sand Castle

Ethan digging the hole for the mote

Logey filling the bucket with sand!

Another new thing that Monkey got to try was TUBING!  I was a little apprehensive about taking him out on the tube, more because I thought he would freak out and get scared.  Well turns out, HE LOVED IT!!!  He was laughing the whole time and couldn't get enough of it!  Grammie only has a pontoon boat, so I knew we wouldn't be going fast or would she be trying to flip us off the tube!  Here are a few pictures to enjoy of mine and Ethan's rides!

Look at that smile on his face!

Almost lost him here!

Vacation is half over already and Monday I start back up with the daycare!  (Which I am actually excited about!) 

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