Saturday, July 21, 2012

Home Made Bubbles = Epic Fail!

So, Logey LOVES bubbles (Bubbies!)  And we were completely out.  I so quickly checked Pinterest for a quick recipe for home made bubbles.  Well all the recipes call for liquid corn syrup, and I did not have then I found one recipe that called for 1 cup of liquid dish soap and 8 cups water.  The person said it didn't work very well, but I figured I'd give it a try.  Logey was miserable and desperate for BUBBIES!

I filled a big jug with a cup of dish soap and lots of water.  So it didn't work at all!  Couldn't get a single bubble to blow!  The boys started getting frustrated and I was annoyed it wasn't work! EPIC BUBBLE FAIL! 

(Insert light bulb above head going off here!)

Due to the lack of rain here (been close to 4 weeks now!) Our rocks under the tree are very dusty and dirty!  So first I gave the boys each a stick from the tree to stir up the mixture and get some bubbles going.  Turns out, I should have just done this from the start because they LOVED it!

Then we started gathering rocks from under the tree.  Monkey was talking about how sparkly they were, but they were not shinny because they were so dirty!  Logey loved dropping them into the jug and Monkey gave them a washing.

We got the hose out and rinsed them off after and then watered the tree...and washed everything else that was in the little rock garden.  (My camera died here, so I have no pictures, but as you can guess, the boys ended up soaking wet and so did I!)

So even though the BUBBIES were a huge fail, we still ended up outside for 2 hours having fun washing rocks!  And we now have the cleanest garden on the block!

Logey saying CHEEEEEESE for the picture!  I love this shot of him

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