Saturday, July 7, 2012


Well, to say it is hot here, would be an understatement!  It is SCORCHING here!!  Yesterday the temperature was 34 Degrees Celsius BUT with the humidex it felt like 42 DEGREES!!  We made an early trip to the park with the boys - They are really loving the new park here!  Since we are right beside a school, there are 3 playgrounds within about 1 minute of each other!  It is great because we can switch up the parks constantly! 

ANYWAYS...before we left I whipped up a quick batch of coloured ice cubes!  I grabbed all the trays I could find in my house (which sadly was like 8 or 9 trays!) Anyways, just added water and a few drops of food colouring, and re-arranged my freezer like 5 times to get them all to fit...without spilling any coloured water, I might add!

After we got home from the park, and were smoking hot already, I grabbed all the trays and quickly filled up the water table in the backyard.  Here is a few frozen ones, with Logey saying that they were 'COLD!"

Then I just dropped all the ice cubes into the table at once! (Not my finest moment! But the boys didn't really notice that)  I didn't really take into account how hot it actually was!  The ice cubes were completely melted in less than 2 minutes!  The water started changing all different colours right away though and it looked really neat.

Monkey got his hands in immediately trying to get the colours to change depending on what ice cube he was holding!

Logey was just trying as hard as he could to catch one!  As soon as he got his hands on one, he had to test out the flavour.  I don't think it tasted as good as he thought it would.

Since the ice cubes melted so fast, we turned our attention to colour mixing.  The boys had one section filled with a yellow and orangish colour, one with a blue colour and one with green.  They decided to mix the orange/yellow and the green one into the big blue one to see what colour they would get.  Monkey guessed that it would all turn green (probably because it is his favourite colour) and cousin Jake guessed it would all turn blue. 

So, it of course, turned BLACK!

We had a great time outside playing in the water and 'cooling' down a little with the ice cubes!  Monkey has been asking to do it again all day today, so my freezer will be full tonight!

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