Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bead Decorations

We recently moved to a new house, and I needed some serious time to put things away without kids hanging off my legs begging for me to play with them.  After I put Logey down for a nap, I decided to set Monkey up with some pipe cleaners and beads. I knew this would keep him busy for a little while because he loves making patterns and this is something we had done awhile back with Cheerios for the birds!  I made a few shapes out of the pipe cleaners for him to start with:

He worked really hard on threading them on perfectly. He had to do each arm of the snowflake one at a time.  It is REALLY hot here right now (like 40C!) so we thought snowflakes would be appropriate to cool down!

Monkey ended up playing with the beads for over an hour!  He made a really neat candy cane (again with the patterns) some snowflakes and a few other Christmas shapes...we saw a Christmas movie the other night and it got him thinking about Santa again!!!

Of course, once he was done all of them, and got me to take pictures....he pulled all the beads off, and started all over again!!

It was great practice for him, and good for me because I got a whole lot of unpacking done!  And Logey got a really great nap too because it was sooo quiet in here!!

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