Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jello Sensory Bin

I have been trying to get back into doing my messy sensory bins lately, because they are the most fun for the kids and because I would much rather do them outside that inside!  I had a ton of Jello boxes in my pantry and had just been waiting for something to do with them.  Alas, JELLO SENSORY BIN!
Grab all the Jello you have and different sized and shaped containers.  Make all your Jello the night before!

I tried using ice cube trays too, it didn't really work, so I wouldn't waste your time!

Next, get the container you usually do sensory bins in! I suggest you make sure the bin is clean, because the kids will likely be 'testing' the Jello.  Add all the Jello and utensils to play with it.  It was 45 Degrees here again yesterday and I thought the Jello would melt REALLY fast, so I added some ice cubes too!

NOTE: my container is really big for this activity, but I know my boys and I knew exactly what was going to happen once they were getting close to being done with the bin!!

Next, give the bin to the kids and let them go wild! This was also a good time to go over the colours of the Jello! Monkey has his colours down pat obviously, but little Logey is just starting to learn them!
Logey was having trouble keeping it on the spoon at first! Notice the green/red piece falling down

Sooooo...he started using his hands! Exactly what I wanted.  Fine motor skills and Sensory

I love the look on Logey's face here!  I think he is seriously shocked that Ethan is attempting to taste the Jello!

"What are you doing E?"

 Logey then realized he could taste it too!!


Exactly as I expected, once the boys started getting bored of the Jello (which, by the way, was at least 45 minutes later) I introduced the hose!  My boys love water, as you have seen in pretty much every other post!  Monkey started filling the bin with the hose.  We learned that when he sprayed the water harder, it made bubbles from the Jello.  Who knew?  And so, our Jello bin turned into a BUBBLE BATH!  The boys started to wash all the utensils we were playing with....

And guessed it....they got in the bin!

And you thought the cooler was small!

By the end of the activity the boys were soaking wet, I was pretty much soaking wet...but being wet actually didn't feel so bad since it was 45 degrees Celsius!  This was a super easy Sensory Bin, and gave the kids at least an hour of pure joy to play with!
Two happy boys!


  1. how fun! I think my girls would have eaten it more than played with it.

    I am featuring this on this weeks "Messy fun" Sunday Showcase features.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh that looks amazing fun. It's now top of my bucket list.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase. I will pin this idea to our pinterest board.