Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Car painting

So my daycare kiddos are starting to transition this week and Ethan has taking a trip to Grammie and Poppa's house for the week!  The theme for this week is PAINTING!  I love painting with the kids and it is pretty hard to find a kid that doesn't like painting!

Today we did painting with cars!  When you have 2 boys that are obsessed with cars and one that isn't as obsessed with doing crafts, you need to be creative!  I figured I could use his love for cars, and incorporate it with Arts and Crafts!

This one is pretty simple.  All you need is Paint in small containers, Paper, a few cars, and a drop sheet to save your table!

I wanted to keep their attention, so I only went with three colours

Mr. Brody (not so arts and crafts interested) LOVE IT!  His cars BRRRRRROOOMMMM and VVRRRROOOMMM all over his paper!  At first it took a little convincing that it was OK that his hands got some paint on them...but once he figured that out he was good to go!


Adding colours


(Yes my kitchen is bright orange! - yuck I know, but we will get around to painting it one day!)

CRASH!  He started crashing the cars together and laughing because paint was splattering

Getting Brody interested was pretty easy today! And he had lots of fun painting!

Logey on the other hand...he would sit and paint all day if I let him!


He had all 3 cars going at the same time on his paper!

He started crashing his cars together too, after seeing Brody do it!


And of course, it started turning into a little finger painting by the end of it!

This was a great little activity to peak the boys interest in painting and get them ready for the other painting crafts I have planned for the rest of the week!  Shockingly, not that mess either, if you have a cloth on hand for when they are done!  I'm happy that my kids starting daycare because my bare walls are still driving me crazy and I need pretty art work like this to get them covered!

Once the boys were done, and I was putting the stuff away, I noticed they were sitting in the playroom having a 'conversation' looking like this.....

I just couldn't not take a picture of the two bucket heads!

Watch for more painting theme crafts this week! :)

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